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25 Years at Caversham

25 Years at Caversham

20Jul 2011

Lynne Allen, as Director of the School of Fine Arts at Boston University, has provided the support and hard work in planning and hosting South Africa: Artist, Community, Prints - Twenty Five Years at The Caversham Press. This consists of two exhibitions of 180 works, and the production of a catalogue. The exhibition was attended by William Kentridge and the Caversham team.
In strategizing for the local component of these celebrations, a multifaceted approach was taken to enable continued engagement over the next couple of years. A valued member of our Board, David Koloane, contributed his experience and artistic eye in assisting with curating People, Prints Process - Twenty five years at Caversham, an exhibition which was opened at the Standard Bank Gallery on 14th October 2010 by another Board Member, William Kentridge.
On the 5th June 2010, Hats Off 25 Years: Linocuts from Caversham was hosted at the Tokara wine estate in Cape Town. This was curated by Julia Meintjes, who has a long-standing history with Caversham in many areas: as Trustee of the Caversham Press Educational Trust, and as Caversham’s marketing representative in Johannesburg during the early 1990s. We thank Julia for her continued support in so many ways.
Both the international and local exhibitions will travel, with the local one being part of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in June 2011.  Educational programmes will be developed to accompany these, in line with our philosophy of Caversham and Beyond.



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