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History of Institute

History of Institute

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19Jul 2011

In 2001,Caversham Education Institute became the youngest official member of the Caversham family. However, it was founded  in 1993 when Jill Sachs, an educator on government service, was inspired to develop an in-service early childhood development teacher training course. Known as the SCOPE Course, it was offered part-time over two years, and it gained an enviable reputation. With Jill’s redeployment to the Provincial Head Office of the Department of Education in 1996, the course continued to be offered to small numbers of students in Durban and Zululand.

In 2006, Jill retired from the Department of Education to focus fulltime on the expanding Institute. Caversham acquired full accreditation as a Service Provider with the ETDP SETA. In 2008 the course content was restructured, and the National Higher Certificate in ECD was accredited.

In 2009, a satellite office opened in Durban. This includes a fully equipped office and a Boardroom that also serves as a resource centre providing space for meetings and materials for student support.

In 2010, the Institute underwent the verification of students, and 104 students were successfully awarded the Higher Certificate in ECD, 123 credits at National Qualification Level 5.

Dedicated to inspiring teachers in early years education, the Institute structured a third year to meet all the credit requirements for a National Diploma in ECD. This has been piloted and materials will be submitted for accreditation during 2011.

In synergy with Caversham's vision of "Inspiration in the Individual and the Individual as Inspiration", in 2001 Caversham Education Trust took the well known SCOPE Early Childhood Development Course under its wing. To meet the needs for accrediation, Caversham Education Institute was registered in 2008 with Jill Sachs and Malcolm Christian as Directors.

The SCOPE course, which began in 1993, was designed by Jill Sachs to provide inspirational training to the teachers of young children in the deep belief that creativity nurtured from birth bears fruit in adulthood. Continually evolving, the course materials were restructured to meet the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework, and in September 2006 Caversham celebrated receiving full accreditation as a Service Provider with the Education, Training and Development Practices (ETDP) SETA. In 2008, the materials were accrediated as a full qualification, the National Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Development.

The course incorporates the Caversham Hourglass © Methodology of Reflection, Dialogue, CreACTion™ leading to Ownership and has three components: personal growth, knowledge acquisition and skills development.

The Higher Certificate in ECD, a fully accredited qualification, is offered in three centres Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Kwambonambi. A total of 204 teachers of young children received training in 2010.
For the past few years, training in Durban has been held at Gordon Road Girls’ School but with an increase in the number of students, the venue has been moved to the beautiful and spacious Nkulisa Centre attached to Penzance Primary School. This move has proved very successful and all three floors will be used for the diploma in 2011.
In Pietermaritzburg, training is located at New England Pre-Primary School, and in Zululand, Kwambonambi Pre-Primary is not only the venue for training but also houses the Zululand Regional Office that is managed by Sue Bonney assisted by Khanya Sibiya. Grateful thanks go to Sue and her KwaMbonambi team for piloting the third year diploma course. It was offered to 11 students, who found the course relevant, exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

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