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Skills Workshops

Skills Workshops

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18Jul 2011


These workshops have been developed and offered in consultation with the CreACTive Catalysts to address needs and interests within their communities and to provide additional skills with which to supplement programmes offered at CreACTive Centres.


1.  Sewing and Design

Sally Scott, an experienced fashion designer, is the facilitator for the six sewing workshops that are held at the Gabi Nkosi Multi-purpose Centre. Each workshop has 6 participants, all young women from Lidgetton and/or the surrounding areas of Nottingham Road, Mpophomeni, and Mafakatini.  The workshops cover the following topics:

·       Workshop 1: Introduction and handling of the sewing machine

·       Workshop 2: Pattern cutting

·       Workshop 3: Intermediate – designing and sewing own dress

·       Workshop 4: Repairing own old garments

·       Workshop 5: Cutting patterns for tracksuit pants

·       Workshop 6: Cutting patterns for tracksuit tops

The workshops have led to employment opportunities for some of the participants, thus directly impacting individual economic improvement.


Being part of the sewing workshops was very interesting especially when we were taking our measurements and laughing at each other about our sizes.  Sally, our facilitator is a very patient person who understood our individual needs and treated us equally.  I look forward to designing my own style of fashion in a few years.  I am also willing to help others in the community and at CreACTive Centres with what I learnt from the sewing workshops.  I learnt a lot because I am a fast learner.  Special thanks to Caversham!  Makhosi Mohlakoane

2.  Textile Design and Printing

Textile printing workshops are facilitated at Caversham and at the CreACTive Centres. This has been made possible by investing in six portable t-shirt printing machines. This also creates direct economic impact.


“To be invited back at Caversham for a week for the textile design and printing workshop was so great and such a blessing.  We designed the Masabelaneni t-shirts and printed them using the new portable printing machines.  This is a skill that we will definitely use at our CreACTive Centre back home in Mtubatuba and we already have orders from church groups wanting t-shirts printed.”   Mrs Gladness Ngwenya

3.  Arts in Teaching and Learning Programme

Caversham, in partnership with the Institute has developed a six module programme that focuses on using the Arts in Teaching and Learning. The programme is designed to incorporate the Caversham Hourglass Process and focuses on developing the skills and confidence of teachers of children from the age of three years through to the end of the Foundation Phase. The programme has proved to be so successful both in urban and rural settings that teachers of children in the Intermediate Phase have also benefited. Modules of the programme are also offered to CreACTive Catalysts who then include the activities in their CreACTive Centre Programmes.

The programme has three main focus areas; the development of the individual as a creative resource; knowledge on child development, stages in arts and the using creativity and the arts as a cross-curriculum tool and finally basic teaching skills in offering drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, modelling and group works to enhance creativity and learning.

For many teachers, these workshops provide the first opportunity to explore art materials and many ideas are generated for incorporating the arts into language, mathematics and other subjects. Opportunities are given for teachers to explore social and cultural issues and the course introduces the works of some SA and international artists and teachers deepened awareness and growing confidence to explore and offer art activities.


The Arts in Teaching and Learning Workshops were very helpful.  I teach a multi-grade classroom (Grade 1, 2, and 3) in a very deep rural school which has no resources at all.  These workshops have given me an idea of the developmental levels of the children I teach as well as what activities to do with them.  The workshops were very empowering, we wish there could be more funding so that there are more workshops for people like us”    Mrs. N.M. Mlotshwa

4.  Digital arts capacity building

A mobile digital laboratory has been established at Caversham Centre comprising of 10 laptops, 10 flip cameras, a projector and sound equipment, along with ancillary equipment. Facilitation skills have been developed in the Caversham Team in order to undertake CreACTive Centre school-based programmes.

The Digital Arts workshops involve learners from grades 6 – 11, so include a wide range of ages, and both genders. The Caversham team, plus the teachers, provide the necessary assistance and result in the production of a number of short films either with the use of Nokia cell phones or flip cameras. Each film carries a powerful message that reflects issues that matter most to the children. These include gender roles, moral values, HIV/Aids and career-paths, and bullying, amongst others. They complement the school curriculum and evidence a social advocacy and awareness of 21st century challenges to our transitional democracy.


The digital arts workshop provided an opportunity I never dreamt I will have.  Other than the skill of being a photographer and editor which I am very proud of, it taught me a skill of being able to work in a group.  I learnt to be patient and listen to another person’s view.  Thank you Caversham and NEA/ Pearson Foundations, if I get an opportunity I would love to teach my peers who were not part of the workshop this new exciting skill!  Melodie Ndlovu, Grade 11, Nottingham Road Combined School.

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