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Residencies at CCAW

Residencies at CCAW

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18Jul 2011



1. CreACTive Catalysts

Residential workshops focus mainly on leadership development and sustainability. Planning for the year is based on a needs analysis for each CreACTive Centre. As with all residencies, there is a component of skills transference that focuses on printmaking including potato prints, bleaching and linocuts; building skills capacity in textile design; debating the Masabelaneni constitution and election of office bearers.


“I have been privileged to be a part of the Masabelaneni CreACTive Centre Network since it was established in 2008. Over the past three years, my CreACTive Centre, Isipho, has benefited so much from the workshops that I have attended at Caversham as well as the workshops that the Caversham Team has facilitated at our CreACTive Centre.  We have learnt many different skills including the skills of having committees at CreACTive Centres and we now have a committee at Isipho and can do things on our own.  But we wish the funding will continue so that we can continue working with women and children in our communities”  - Khululiwe Mabanga

2.  Young Catalysts

As part of the succession plan for the sustainability and support for Catalysts at their CreACTive Centres, young people with leadership potential are identified to attend a 5-day residency at Caversham during which they experience the Hourglass Process and develop visions for their supportive roles at their CreACTive Centres. Many skills are acquired such as producing and presenting stage plays; making creative garments from waste materials; producing a book with poems and images and a documentary DVD.


As a young person, you usually have no clue about your life or what you want to do when you grow up.  But the presence of CreACTive Centres in our communities focuses you and gives you direction.  Being invited to Caversham and being part of the Young Catalysts makes us feel very grown up and that we have something to contribute.  Sharing space with youth from other CreACTive Centres was a new experience for all of us.  Whilst at Caversham, we were given time think about our CreACTive Centres, our understanding of them, and to develop our visions linking them to existing ones.  We came out with ideas of how we were going to help the Catalysts and also designed programmes relevant to young people, programmes that will encourage them to come to CreACTive Centres.  Thank you for this opportunity.  Sibusiso Motau

3.  Creative Cultural Dialogue

This residency involves bringing together professional artists, local graduate art students, and people from the rural communities who have no formal art training. Using a designated theme, each explore issues related to gender and context resulting in a portfolio of prints, books and artwork and the creation of a network.


“I found the Caversham facility safe and private, with the studio close by which is a great motivator to work.  There was constant interaction, spending a lot of time together and learning a great deal from each other.  The directives were clear and it was left to the Fellows to make decisions about what they wanted to do.  The experience, interacting with local and international artists at this great printmaking studio was productive, fun, educational and a confidence booster.  I am taking a load of experience and memories with me”  Nontobeko Msomi

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