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Programmes offered by CCAW

Programmes offered by CCAW

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18Jul 2011


Caversham currently offers residencies at the Centre aimed at building leadership and visioning capacity along with specialist skills in the arts and print-based processes. It also offers arts and craft-based workshop programmes, facilitated by Caversham staff and CreACTive Catalysts in CreACTive Centres and allied schools.



  • Creative Cultural Dialogue – provide a professional focused platform for local and international artists and writers to share experiences and insights as source for inspiration resulting in tangible products of excellence
  • Specialist – provide opportunities for mentorship and the in-depth sharing of skills and knowledge with the next generation contributing towards increased skills reservoirs within South Africa
  • Masabelaneni – Let us Sharecomprises two components: 1) Succession Leadership Development – developing vision, accompanied by leadership skills and experience, resulting in the establishment of CreACTive Centres.  This is followed by 2) Vision-Sharing – building community-based support contributing to sustainability.  As a result, Masabelaneni CreACTive Centre Initiative, a collaborative support network, has been established

Beneficiaries of the Caversham-based residencies are professional and emergent artists, writers, students and university graduates, interns, educators and community CreACTive Catalysts and Young Catalysts.



  • CreACTive Centre Skills Development workshops – CreACTive catalysts provide a wide range of arts, craft, skills, and learning opportunities for building the individual, and empowering them to use self-expression as a source of self-belief and assisting them when engaging with challenges such as poverty, HIV & AIDS, etc.
  • Facilitation and Mentoring – interns and newly qualified graduates have opportunities to run workshops in areas of specialist expertise and passion.  Through regular site visits an ongoing mentoring relationship is built between Caversham Team and CreACTive Centre catalysts
  • Teacher Training – Early Years Education (eYe) provides a Caversham-developed accredited creative-based ECD teacher training programme at NQF Level 5 resulting in a locally and internationally recognized qualification and employment opportunities
  • Short Courses – from 2011 funded and fee-paying short courses will be offered. These include Using the Arts in Teaching and Learning, Printmaking, Sewing, Textile Design and Printing
  • Digital Arts – To empower children and their teachers with skills to use multi-media and the digital arts to enhance teaching & learning.

Beneficiaries of the Masabelaneni CreACTive Centre Initiative are teachers, children, youth and women in KwaZulu Natal, including the Presidential Nodal areas. The early childhood teacher training targets teachers in informal preschool settings and reception class in state schools across the province and short courses are offered to teachers and community women.

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