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18Jul 2011

Mission, Vision and Values - Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers (CCAW)


Caversham Centre seeks to cultivate significance in the individual and their community by fostering leadership, innovation and excellence through the implementation of effective sustainable models using creativity and the arts.



Inspiration in the Individual and the Individual as Inspiration



Underpin its engagement with artists, writers, teachers, academic institutions, women, children and youth.

  • Significance - as individuals we need meaning, purpose, relevance, to grow our self-belief and to make a difference
  • Ownership taking responsibility for ourselves and others by recognising our past, being in the present, moving forward confidently
  • Legacy – understanding legacy is immediate and not only important after death
  • Collaboration – to share responsibility and build together
  • Empowerment –empowerment from acquiring knowledge, skills, self-belief, self-management and contributing
  • Excellence – in all things: our potential, talents, courage in facing challenges
  • Innovation – fostering critical, creative thinking and leadership skills.

The vision and mission is achieved through:

  • Its fine arts, professional and community printmaking collaboration programmes.
  • Ongoing intern programmes that deepen and enrich knowledge, skills and experience of emergent, young graduate and community artists both local and international.
  • Residential and community-based programmes that result in individual development, skills transference and high quality products.
  • Leadership, vision and succession residency programmes for Caversham CreACTive Catalyst and Young Catalysts that grow, support and sustain leadership in community CreACTive Centres.
  • It’s Masabelaneni (Let Us Share) network of Caversham CreACTive Centres and its programmes for teachers, children, youth and women. These programmes include the visual arts, drama, dance and performance, creative writing and the digital arts.
  • Short courses offered in using the arts in teaching and learning, printmaking, sewing and the digital arts.
  • Its accredited sister body, Caversham Education Institute that offers a qualification for early childhood teachers at NQF level 5.
  • Local and international partnerships that cultivate opportunities for growth and compliment existing institutional-based programmes.
  • Exhibiting  both locally and internationally sharing our South African culture and talents in the visual and literary arts.

The Caversham Hourglass Process © is used in all the programmes

  • Reflection - PAUSE to explore self resulting in deeper understanding
  • Dialogue - Listening, talking and sharing with others resulting in contribution & affirmation                                          
  • CreACTion™ - Attitude combined with creative Action resulting in effective contribution                              
  • Ownership - Being in the present, recognizing the past, taking responsibility for the future legacy.


The logo is the hourglass symbolising the duality of individuals and organisations being both container and conduit and the importance of ‘receiving’ in order to ‘contribute’.



It is recognised that the continuing success and evolution of Caversham’s vision and mission is dependent on the underpinning and support provided by the Centre and its team. The Centre provides a fully equipped, first world printmaking studio, a mobile digital laboratory, a multi-purpose centre, a home and a place for reflection and creation. The Centre has excellent structures and systems for reporting and accountability. The Team steeped in a history of vision and innovation provides skills in the fine arts, mentoring and facilitation, development, management and evaluation. Caversham Centre is the heart from which all its ‘beyond’ programmes, including the Masabelaneni Initiative are nourished and supported.

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