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Masabelaneni CreACTive Centre Network

Masabelaneni CreACTive Centre Network

18Jul 2011

The establishment of Masabelaneni (Let us share), a network of Caversham CreACTive Centres, echoes the history and development of Caversham over the past 25 years. Beginning with the individual, their passion and existing resources, and through collaboration and contributing to the lives of others, a sustainable search for meaning and relevance through the arts is established. The tangible outcomes are not only in the lives and beliefs of these individuals and the contribution they are making in their communities, but also in the beauty of the products created. The programmes use creativity and the arts that has resonance in communities and areas beyond those traditionally associated with the exclusivity of the fine arts.

The Caversham Masabelaneni CreACTive Centre Network has been formalised with the setting up of structures including a constitution, elected office bearers, and, through donations, sales of prints, and commissions undertaken, has begun building financial resources which includes a small endowment. This evidenced the impact of the leadership programs and faith in the future of the CreACTive Centres, as well as the joint vision of its leaders (CreACTive Catalysts). This is tangible evidence of combining the power of the individual, their passion and unique expression to build legacy and contribution within their own communities and beyond.


A Caversham CreACTive Center is place of:

  • Reflection - Focused environment to explore and value uniqueness and issues of personal and common history
  • Refuge - Safe environment that fosters trust through interaction and dialogue
  • Renewal - Inspiring environment that develops hope and builds individual self belief through skills, values and the principles of Ubuntu.


Under the guidance and mentorship of Jabu Mtheku, Masabelaneni has developed into a fully-fledged collaborative structure with its own constitution drawn up by its members during a Leadership Residency programme. A committee was elected with a broad representation.  Sbu Mvelase was elected chairperson with Lindiwe Shabangu as deputy, Nomandla Nodola as secretary assisted by Hlengiwe Dlamini, and Khululiwe Mabanga as treasurer. Masabelaneni will meet quarterly at Caversham to:

  • Instill a sense of shared purpose
  • Share challenges, knowledge and acquire skills
  • Inspire and support each other
  • Brainstorm marketing and income generation strategies to become self-sustainable


CreACTive Centre

CreACTive Catalyst



Hlengiwe Dlamini



Khululiwe Mabanga

Mtubatuba – Zululand


Lindiwe Shabangu

Rorke’s Drift – N KZN


Nqobekile Dlamini

Bulwer -

Ingcambu Ezikile

Nomandla Nodola



Nokuthula Madinane

KwaDabeka – township outside Durban

Gabisa Indlela

Sibusiso Mvelase

University of KZN – Pietermaritzburg

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