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CreACTive Centres

CreACTive Centres

18Jul 2011

This highly successful Caversham CreACTive Centre has been operating since 2002 at Jabula Combined School in Lidgetton. Hlengiwe and Sibusiso continue to conduct popular fun-filled yet instructional workshops, which have resulted in poems, books, prints, performances and also contributing to building pride and ownership in the school's environment with the painting of a mural inside the CreACTive Centre and on the outside of the school hall.

The Isipho (meaning "Gift") is the brainchild of Khululiwe Mabanga, a rural woman from a village of KwaMsane Reserve in Mtubatuba who came to Caversham for a Crafters Workshop in February 2006. She was inspired by a visit to Ulwazi at Jabula, went back home and approached the Induna for a piece of land. What started in a tiny shack is now a daily meeting place for women during the day and school children in the afternoons. A variety of workshops have been run by facilitators from Caversham Centre including Jewelry-making and Embroidery.

This CreACTive Centre, Isidleke, meaning "The Nest", situated at Oscarsberg Primary School in Rorke's Drift was established by Lindiwe Shabangu who also facilitates workshops at this Centre. In 2006 a mural was painted inside and the Centre was used as a venue for the commemoration of the 2006 Youth Day celebrations attended by over 200 members of the community.

Kwambonambi Pre-Primary School in rural Zululand is the first Caversham CreACTive Centre to explore and focus on eYe programmes. Susan Bonney, an embodiment of creativity with many years of rich ECD experience, heads the Zululand Team and with the assistance of two other competent facilitators offers accredited eYe courses to women from different backgrounds, thus developing inspirational teachers for our most impressionable, vulnerable citizens.



Experience the magical atmosphere of Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers and Caversham Press by taking our virtual tour. Also visit the Ulwazi CreACTive Centre, one of the centres that use creativity to promote personal development in small, under-resourced rural communities. Click here to begin the tour.


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