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CCAW Management

CCAW Management

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18Jul 2011

Caversham Centre Management and Governance

Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers (CCAW) is a section 21 company (not for gain)(Reg. No. 2000/002533/08). It is governed by an Executive Committee, which reports to a Board comprising members of national and international standing.

The day to day operation of CCAW's programmes is undertaken by a complement of 6 persons under the leadership of Malcolm Christian, CEO and Founding Director.

Executive Committee:

Malcolm Christian

Founder and CEO

John Samuel

Previously Chief Operations Officer for the OWLA and CE Nelson Mandela Foundation, South Africa

Jabulisile Mtheku

Previously Deputy Chief Education Specialist ECD, KZN Education Department

Robin Hammond

Previously Accountant and CEO of AMT Service


William Kentridge

Artist and Film-maker, SA

David Koloane

Artist and Writer, Director of Fordsburg Artist Studios, SA

Moleleki Ledimo

Artist and Cultural Activist, Director of Arts and Youth Development at the Department of Arts and Culture

Vulindlela Nyoni

Lecturer in Printmaking, Centre for the Visual Arts, University of KZN , SA

Gail McClure

Former Vice President of Programmes, W.K.Kellogg Foundation, USA

Harriet Sanford

President and CEO of NEA, Washington , DC

Jill Sachs Director of Caversham Education Institute

Lynne Allen

Director of the School of Visual Arts, Boston University

Financial Accountability:

The Centre has excellent, transparent, efficient, accountable financial systems with the services of a bookkeeper, accountant and auditor.  Annual reports and audited statements are available since the Centre’s inception.

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