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History of CCAW

History of CCAW

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18Jul 2011

Rising out of the Caversham legacy, Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers (CCAW) continues a more than 25 year long tradition of excellence, innovation and commitment to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to transformation and empowerment through creativity and the Arts. Since the establishment of the Centre was made possible by a W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant, the potential for legacy and succession-building has been addressed. Beginning with orthodox models that continued to use printmaking and the fine arts as vehicles for self-expression, programmes were initiated that developed inspirational leadership. These programmes used creativity and the arts that had resonance in communities and areas beyond those traditionally associated with the exclusivity of the fine arts.

Community Based

In 1999/2000 with the assistance of Sister Sheila Flynn, a Dominican Nun, Caversham began its first community-based collaboration with the establishment of Senzokuhle (We are doing well) Women's Group in the Mpophomeni area, which is located approximately 30kms from Caversham. This was an embroidery project with a group of unemployed women affected and infected by HIV/Aids. The project continued to operate until 2004 when it disbanded due to the death of so many of its members. At present only three of the original group members remain. Bongi Zuma, one of these members continues to work with Caversham in sharing her skills and knowledge with other women in rural communities.

CreACTive Centres

In 2002, Ulwazi (meaning Knowledge in isiZulu) CreACTive Centre was started at Jabula Combined School in the local Caversham community of Lidgetton. The development of the Caversham CreACTive Centre Network, is a direct outcome of the Masabelaneni (Let us share) Residency programme (Caversham Centre being the original CreACTive Centre). The establishment of these CreACTive Centres is based on the passion and vision of individuals. They provide places for inspiration and expression and foster collaborative, innovative attitude and creative action . They are complementary community initiatives, often linked with schools, providing centers of reflection, renewal and refuge for our youth and women. Currently there are 6 exciting CreACTive Centres spread across rural and peri-urban communities in KwaZulu-Natal.



Experience the magical atmosphere of Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers and Caversham Press by taking our virtual tour. Also visit the Ulwazi CreACTive Centre, one of the centres that use creativity to promote personal development in small, under-resourced rural communities. Click here to begin the tour.


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